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So I am drunk, this is a post that fits in those posts on the everything else part of the blog, I advise you to stop reading here, as per I am drunk. I just came back from my meeting with my sister, she makes me feel happy and proud.

She is so much more than me and she has a very beautiful family, she has done an wonderful job at raising hers daughter and I hope I get to be half as competent as her in raising my son.

She and my brother-in-law loves beer and we went to an nice place: emporio do alto do pinheiros <- you see, my markdown powers are not diminished by alcohol, long live Aaron Swartz legacy on many things that matters.

The place in question sells beer from around the world. Long live British beer! You guys are invaders and meddlers but you are redeemed by your beer. Americans not so much, you are even more meddlesome so you must work harder on your beer, you have much to improve, you have to acquire elven standards on beer to compensate for the amount you meddle in peoples internet and general affairs.

Bottom line, as much as someone in my condition can reach a bottom line without being the bottle one. Aliteration…

British beer is the best, closely followed by Belgium, for a nice surprise Norwegian was very good too, American not so much, don't do drugs, do not drink Brazilian's we are not as half as meddlers as anyone and yet our beer needs improving.

Also I am happy, very happy! Me, my wife and my kiddo are moving in to Montreal, which seems to be a fine place to raise him, I am on my last days on the drone factory that has become my job and the future seem brighter and sunnier although in a snowier place.

I also have to thank Bob Marshall for his post on rip agile. It was eye opener, I realised I don't want agile back, it is a bad brand, seriously people, who came out with this name? It is bad, it does not capture more than buzzword, it was bound to become something corporate zombies label horny would abuse.

I want to be treated as a human being, I want an Organic, Mindful, Soulful software development. Hint: Corny labels do not get abused by corporate drones.

I want the essence back, the dead empty shell the drones can have and feed on it.

Tomorrow I will regret this post, but the me from today vow not to let the me from tomorrow to take this down.

Peace out people, be happy.


  1. America has never been known for good beer, although we do have some transplanted europeans that do a good job if you like the dark beers from Germany (Shiner Bock in Texas). However, we do make some mighty fine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.


    1. Hehehe, yes my brother in law tried to convince me the now days the american beers are getting as good as europeans ones, but we tasted some IPA and I am not much into IPA, I will look for the Shiner Bock as I do like dark beers.


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