The Fear of Agile Transformation

Excellent article, fear of change and lack of willingness to try out new things and risking failure is the single greatest enemy of agile adoption and success in most endeavours.

All Things Agile

“The snake which cannot shed its’ skin has to die.  As well as the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Recently, I was attending a Deep-Dive study group that was hosted by Lyssa Crispin and Michael Spayd of the Agile Coaching Institute.  During our discussions, I began to think about all of the agile transformation efforts I had participated on and what, in my opinion, seemed to be one of the deterrents to a successful agile transformation.

What I determined was that a good percentage of people that resisted the change to agile came from a very strong command-and-control background—individuals that were managers, at all levels, who were accustomed to being in charge and commanding people to do things, sometimes down to the task level.  Not all of these people were project managers, some were senior technical leads who had reached…

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