Month: March 2014

Feedback Loop

So I was reading this blog by Bob Marshall and at first I got angry, and then I realized I have being doing too much of angry, as I read I realized that not only he was not wrong, but also he was dead on right.

He did express exactly what I want.

I do not want the word back, I want what it meant to be, regardless of the name given. Going about making noise does not solve anything, if there is not a direction and a metaphor to work by.

So, really taking “agile” back must be done in “agile” way, lets do agile in anger(1) instead of doing it with anger, who says this is limited only to writing software?

Starting by feedback, what went right? What went wrong? How can we improve it?

And the first thing I think went wrong are the names, extreme programming scared people, most never went on to understand or learn anything related.

Agile is misleading and an attractive word for corporate drones in love with titles. It is too easily interpreted as fast, it also has an inherent aggressiveness, in the sense of hormone pumped up sport player “going for the kill” in a game, that appeal for those kinds of alpha male management types that love so much to be in control of everything.

My suggestion is to use Organic Development, organisms adapt and react to changes of context, organisms fail fast, organisms learn and improve through feed back loop, evolving and doing better for the context over the time.

I think Organic Development offer quite an extense source of metaphors to be used and to explain what we call agile.

(1) I just learned this expression, found it cool.

Everything else

So I am drunk, this is a post that fits in those posts on the everything else part of the blog, I advise you to stop reading here, as per I am drunk. I just came back from my meeting with my sister, she makes me feel happy and proud.

She is so much more than me and she has a very beautiful family, she has done an wonderful job at raising hers daughter and I hope I get to be half as competent as her in raising my son.

She and my brother-in-law loves beer and we went to an nice place: emporio do alto do pinheiros <- you see, my markdown powers are not diminished by alcohol, long live Aaron Swartz legacy on many things that matters.

The place in question sells beer from around the world. Long live British beer! You guys are invaders and meddlers but you are redeemed by your beer. Americans not so much, you are even more meddlesome so you must work harder on your beer, you have much to improve, you have to acquire elven standards on beer to compensate for the amount you meddle in peoples internet and general affairs.

Bottom line, as much as someone in my condition can reach a bottom line without being the bottle one. Aliteration…

British beer is the best, closely followed by Belgium, for a nice surprise Norwegian was very good too, American not so much, don't do drugs, do not drink Brazilian's we are not as half as meddlers as anyone and yet our beer needs improving.

Also I am happy, very happy! Me, my wife and my kiddo are moving in to Montreal, which seems to be a fine place to raise him, I am on my last days on the drone factory that has become my job and the future seem brighter and sunnier although in a snowier place.

I also have to thank Bob Marshall for his post on rip agile. It was eye opener, I realised I don't want agile back, it is a bad brand, seriously people, who came out with this name? It is bad, it does not capture more than buzzword, it was bound to become something corporate zombies label horny would abuse.

I want to be treated as a human being, I want an Organic, Mindful, Soulful software development. Hint: Corny labels do not get abused by corporate drones.

I want the essence back, the dead empty shell the drones can have and feed on it.

Tomorrow I will regret this post, but the me from today vow not to let the me from tomorrow to take this down.

Peace out people, be happy.

The Fear of Agile Transformation

Excellent article, fear of change and lack of willingness to try out new things and risking failure is the single greatest enemy of agile adoption and success in most endeavours.

All Things Agile

“The snake which cannot shed its’ skin has to die.  As well as the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Recently, I was attending a Deep-Dive study group that was hosted by Lyssa Crispin and Michael Spayd of the Agile Coaching Institute.  During our discussions, I began to think about all of the agile transformation efforts I had participated on and what, in my opinion, seemed to be one of the deterrents to a successful agile transformation.

What I determined was that a good percentage of people that resisted the change to agile came from a very strong command-and-control background—individuals that were managers, at all levels, who were accustomed to being in charge and commanding people to do things, sometimes down to the task level.  Not all of these people were project managers, some were senior technical leads who had reached…

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