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Open Life

There is much going on my personal life right now that I am having barely any time to do any of the things I usually like to do. Regardless, this I happened to watch and I thought was something deserved a quick post to share.

I always like when people port back things from coding world to real life, the open source inspired movements and Ideas always make me happy an renew my hope in human kind (purposeful split of the word).

Please watch:

Wired to pair

The more I think of the practices the more I like pair programming, it is the one practice with a plethora of benefits from code review without attrition to source of social interaction, enforcement of good practices and code style, diffusion of information among team members, activation of learning part of the brain associated with social interaction…

I just came across an article that I again see relation to pair programming, we are wired to handle better stressful situations by sharing the burden as it is shown in this article.

I think it was twitted but for the life of me I can’t find the original reference, this was sitting on my bazillion of tabs to be read for some time.