net neutrality


This September 10th there is a movement that is going to slowdown the internet for one day, as a conscience awakening, so that it does not slowdown for good.

What is it about? Cable operators are trying to be allowed to provide different connection quality based on the source of what you are visiting, if the owner of the site or service has contract with them, they will service it at better speed, if it does not it gets crappy transmission.

If you want to know more and even help, here you can get more pointers.

Just to point the pragmatic absurdity of this, if someone puts up a new service to run, in order to not get crippled it would have to sign contract with every internet provider in order for its users not be slowed down on theirs access.

So a website in Turkey would have to contact the American providers and pay each of them in order that the American visitors do not get crappy speed for accessing them, users that are already paying theirs operators for such speed.