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Taking Agile Back

Recently with his post I Want Agile Back Tim Ottinger launched a movement of rescuing the agile movement and it’s values. I heartily agree with him that the state of agile is disheartening this days. Agile has being kidnapped by the very machine that it rose to stand against.

Agile is not fast

Agile does not mean fast, half-backed, ill thought of code. Agile means being able and ready to react soon to changes in the environment so that you do not spend time and energy producing something that has not value. The very idea birthing from the wish to produce quality.

Agile is human first

Agile is about recognizing that software is an human process and understanding and valuing humans in the process instead of hammering them down to bits into the process.

Agile is being honest

Even if it let income go, it is to be transparent and let the customer let the project go if it is not giving him value anymore. It is not about squeezing profit at the expense of everything else.

Agile is not about titles

Agile is not about being master, manager, boss, über developer, or any title of power or lack of it. It is about the power of collaboration with everyone being equally important to the success of the enterprise and contributing to the mix of skills without adding one more pretty initials to the business card.

Agile is about satisfaction

Satisfaction in working with others and having the feeling of the job well done. Satisfaction of the craftsman over a piece produced with mastery. Satisfaction of seeing the customer happy with value added through the software.


If you believed the agile manifest and want to see a world where software is written thusly, join the movement to take agile back:
Google plus community
Google groups

— may the code be with you

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